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Techniques- Skein twisting

Have you been wondering how dyers make neat skein twists? Here's a short video showing how.

The number of times you twist will depend on the thickness of the yarn and the length of the skein. A chunky or aran yarn might only need 4-6 twists, a DK around 7-9, a 4-ply/sock usually 8-12, lace weight up to 20. Very long or thin skeins will need more twists.

There was some discussion whether this is a skein or a hank, I think it is a UK/US English thing. In the UK this is what you will get in most cases if you talk about skeins. Whatever you call it, big loopy yarn becomes a neat twist.

Sweater in photo is made from the KISS pattern using alpaca DK from Holly Hagg.

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