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Designer tips - Summer 2022 moodboard

Planning your designs ahead means you are going to be thinking about Summer knits if you are based in the Northern hemisphere.

Combining knitwear and warmer temperatures can be a challenge, typically when someone says knitting you think of thick cosy wool.

Some ideas for Summer knits -

  • Looser gauge by using larger needles to obtain a floaty fabric full of drape.

  • Thinner yarns - warm weather is probably not the time for super chunky.

  • Think about the fibre content of your sample yarns; cotton, linen, bamboo and silk can all make for a cooler knit.

  • Layers can be great in summer, it can get cool in the evenings. Wraps, shawls, light cardigans and sweaters can be good options.

  • Smaller items for cold weather, such as mittens and hats, can be popular even in warm weather with knitters who like to get ahead with their knitting. Sitting under a giant blanket might not be so popular.

Remember it is getting cooler in the Southern hemisphere, so there will be knitters thinking about cosy knits if warm weather knitting is not your thing.

Click the picture below for a Pinterest mood board of Summer 2022 inspiration.

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