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Designer tips - Keyboard shortcuts

A hugely useful addition to your skill set when typing up documents, is the use of keyboard shortcuts. It can help so much with your pattern write ups, making them faster and easier.

The shortcuts are similar for most programs, but worth checking what works with your system/word processing program.

Ones I use most often are cut (ctrl+x), copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) to move chunks of text around patterns.

For formatting bold (ctrl+B), underline (ctrl+u) and italics (ctrl+i) are handy to know.

There are also lots of lesser known shortcuts, if you are wondering if there is a shortcut for an action you do a lot it is worth having a look, because the answer is probably. My favourite lesser known shortcut is the non-breaking space (ctrl+shift+space) which will stop part of the text moving to the next line on its own, for example between a number and unit (and if you are wondering what type of people become editors, its ones with favourite keyboard shortcuts :D )

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