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Designer tips - Another planning post

The New Year is always seen as a time for changes and making new plans. I am sure you have seen piles of posts and newsletters about this, and how to make your plans, so I will keep my version short!

For some reason everything starts with R, it started out unintentional, but I figured I would go with it, took a bit of levering for some :D.

  • Review last year - how did those plans go?

  • Rejoice - take time to celebrate the good things that happened, big or small.

  • Reflect - what didn't go to plan? Can you work out why? Do you want to try these things again, or let them go and try something new?

  • Remember to include any plans you already have, particularly unmovable ones - holidays, birthdays, events. These will affect what you can achieve that week/month.

  • Realistic goals are the path to success. Absolutely dream big, but break those big dreams into achievable chunks - feeling like you have failed to meet your goals can kill your motivation.

  • Reach a bit further with some stretch goals on top of those realistic goals.

  • Rest - include time off, resting is important.

  • Re-assess - mark your calendar to look over your plans (monthly for the small stuff, quarterly for the bigger plans) and make adjustments as the year goes on and things change.

Random sheep to assist with your planning!

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