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Customise your projects

One of the great things about making your own clothes (whether knitting, crochet, sewing, weaving....) is that you can make them just how you want them to be. There are loads of ways you can have fun playing with your project, you don’t have to stick with what the pattern shows, although you can if you chose to (because it is all about your choice!).

There are lots of ways you can tweak a pattern to make it just how you want it to be, they range from super simple to needing a little more skill.

How about trying some of these:

Play with colour- use a different colour, or blocks of colour, or stripes, or a fade from one colour to another

  • Using a different yarn – opt for a similar weight (thickness) to avoid issues with the pattern maths. It is worth thinking about how the fibres behave, for example alpaca is drapey whereas wool has bounce.

  • Add a colourwork edging/motif

  • Change lengths- sleeves and hemline

  • Add shaping- waist shaping, bust darts & short rows can all help you make the best fitting item

  • Change the edging- make it wider, stitch to a different stitch

  • Add details- a lace panel, stitch pattern or cable from a second pattern

  • A different neckline

  • Making socks- switch the heel and toe to a style you prefer

I like to add shaping to sweaters for great fit (more on that i) and work socks top down with a heel flap (although I have been working short row heels recently).

Do you have a favourite pattern mod?

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