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Carpe lanam ... Seize the wool!

Those special skeins, you know the ones; the ones you bought and feel like they are too good to use. Maybe the yarn is from a special trip; its a luxury blend, something a bit expensive, or perhaps some handspun.
We are drawn to them, can’t resist them, buy them and triumphantly cart them home.

And then they end up in the yarn stash, sometimes even out of sight, where they sit waiting for the “perfect project” or for us to be “good enough” at knitting.

And they keep waiting...and waiting...and the perfect project often doesn’t seem to appear. They maybe get forgotten.

Your yarn deserves more, and so do you- you are the perfect project recipient, you are good enough at knitting and you deserve to enjoy working with that gorgeous skein.

Carpe lanam offers nine patterns that are designed with those special skeins in mind. The patterns are designed to work with fairly low yardages, including leftovers and single skeins.

Grab that yarn and get knitting!

Patterns can be bought separately, as an ebook or as a paperback.

Carpe lanam kntting pattern book


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Volume 1 - Single farm yarns

Samples in volume one were made using yarns bought direct from the farms they were grown on.

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